​The Positively T Attitude Overview

  • Three Core Values

    1. Love​

      • A deep affection​

    2. Justice ​

      • The quality of being fair or reasonable​

    3. Community​

      • A group of people (or things) living in the same area or having something in common​

  • 5 Pillar Mindset​​

    • The Four Dimensions​

      • (1) Length​, (2) Width, (3) Height and (4)Time

        • The parameters within which life occurs​

    • The Three Essential Actions​​

      • (1) Consumption, (2) Explosion and (3) Exhaustion​

        • How parties transfer energy to move within the four dimensions​

    • The Three Types of Health​​

      1. Mental (Id, Ego and Superego)​

        • The ego chooses between desire, id, and ideal/morally correct behavior, superego, to navigate life​

      2. Physical (Resistance Training, Endurance Training and Stretching)​

        • Activities to increase force, duration and pliability of muscle​

      3. Spiritual (Religious, Existential and Spiritual)​

        • What individuals learn from groups, on their own and what it really is​

    • The Seven Steps to Success​​

      1. Find Your Identity​

        • Who you want to be​

      2. Define Your Current State​

        • Who you really are right now​

      3. Create Your Goals​

        • Accomplishments that would prove your desired status to be a reality​

      4. Create Systems to Link to Your Goals​

        • Incentives to drive desired behavior​

      5. Work the Systems​

        • Do the work​

      6. Forgive Yourself for Setbacks and Grow​

        • Learn from mistakes, let go of what was uncontrollable and love yourself despite them​

      7. Positivity Always​

        • Believe that no matter what happens, it's going to work out for the best​

    • Just Deserts​​

      • Every action has an appropriate reward or consequence​

  • 3 Vital Cogs​​

    1. Business​

      • Gives cash to you in exchange for you fulfilling its business needs​

    2. You

      • Receives cash from business and gives cash to society, keeping some for self

      • Receives service, reputation building, from society and gives service, fulfillment of business needs, to business

    3. Society

      • Gives reputation to you​ in exchange for you giving cash to it

Note: Cash leads to health for a person with understanding

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