Knowing What Matters

A major key in living a good life is knowing what matters. This is because if you remove what doesn't matter from your life, you will have more time for even more of what does matter. But how do you find what matters? This is where Positively T comes into play...that and essentialism which is the trait that it takes, but is also already understood within the aforementioned mindset in consideration of the five pillars.

As a reminder, the five pillars are:

  1. The four dimensions of space and time

  2. The three phases of the explosion cycle

  3. The three types of health

  4. The seven steps to success

  5. Just deserts

As you are trying to find what matters, the key pillar that comes to mind first is the explosion cycle. If you think of your life as a garden, you can think about finding what is essential to your life by recognizing what you would need to make a garden thrive. Probably what comes to mind is sunlight and nutrients. What doesn't come to mind is what is happening in other gardens. What also doesn't come to mind are weeds or plant killers. The only thing that is needed in the garden are sunlight and nutrients, not all those other things. But we run our lives with all those other things. Why? Sometimes it is habit. Sometimes it's fear. Perhaps it's external pressure. Whatever the case, if we recognize it, we can change it.

Now instead of thinking of your life as a garden, think of your body as an engine. An engine needs fuel and oxygen to enter the cylinder. This is the consumption phase. Then it needs a spark and compressed fuel/oxygen which creates combustion. This is the explosion phase. Then it needs to expel its burned fuel. This is the exhaustion phase. Then it repeats. That's it! That is the meaning of essentialism. And our bodies are the same way. The only difference is our bodies don't need gasoline...but they do need fuel. It's just called something else. It's called food and water. And by taking care of these phases, making sure they are of the highest quality possible, it brings happiness. It's the definition of love. And by living a life of serve believe in something greater than oneself, it turns out to be all you need.

What pillar does purpose fall within? Pilar 5, just deserts. When people say saving the best for last, it's truly the case with this pillar. Some think of it as karma, others call it the golden rule. But whatever you call it, it pays to believe that it's true. You may not always see the results, and the results may not even occur in your lifetime. But what you do and how you treat others is information received and will influence the world around you, and those who you influence will influence those around them, and so on and so on. So unless you want perpetual calamity to take place it pays to do the right thing.

You may be thinking, 'What will it matter if you're no longer here?' But that is self-centered and not that this should be your motivation, but that belief will surely make you the victim of someone's self-centered approach hurting you. Your motivation can just be because it's the right thing to do. You may also be thinking, 'How will you ever know?' And you can't ever know. But the hope that it does is the single most important factor for it being effective because if everybody were to act together assuming the hope to be true, everybody would be living in love and peace with one another.

But since you can't control what others believe, you can start with yourself. Then when you are loving yourself you can expand your sphere of influence, include those with like minds, exclude those with adverse minds and be loving with those who see. Being loving doesn't mean you don't set boundaries, because even in asserting yourself and your needs, it is truly an act of love.

The other pillars, 1, 3 and 4 are in play too because it's happening in real life (1), it's taking care of your health (3) and you can work towards an essential life using the seven steps to success (4). This is how you can find your gift and your purpose and give your contribution to the world which is a contribution to your soul. Cheers!

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