3 Core Values

Positively T is an attitude that is divided into three main subcategories which for what to value and how to think about the world and your place in it. Those subcategories are the Three Core Values, The 5 Pillar Mindset and the 3 Vital Cogs.

The 3 Core Values, covering what to value, are as follows:

  1. Love

  2. Justice

  3. Community


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Love is the first value in the 3 Core Values of Positively T. Love is the basis for the entire attitude. Love is most importantly applied to oneself and one should love themself more than anything else. But what is love in the context of Positively T?

Positively T takes the stance that before considering words, religions and genders that the universe exists of people and things coexisting together in harmony. In this sense, everything is perfect all the time. But with being human we have a sense of self and have language at our disposal and use it to classify things differently based on the patterns we've discovered over time. For this reason words are not really real, but they are symbols of things that are real. So while we have different words for love, justice, community and more, they are all the same real thing, just with differences we've come to understand. And love is having the desire for something or someone and wanting good to happen for them.

The illusion of harmony not existing is just that, an illusion. This is because we have become short sighted and grown to think of things as good or bad in terms of one's own side or one side of a competition in which we are not involved. But what is bad for one party is good for another party. This is out of our control. And while it evokes the images of accepting some heinous scenes, what is always applicable is the right to one's own dignity which means no one can take away the love one has for themself. As it applies to people, we are protected by human rights laws, which though at times are violated, serve to enable people being treated badly an opportunity to turn the tables and make good for themselves, with the strength of the love for themselves  determining their fate. That and understanding. We provide the love ourselves, while this attitude serves as a starting point for the understanding. 

If this is at all confusing, simply picture wild animals that make up a food chain. As you know, animals can't talk. Or can they? What this attitude is saying is even though each animal, as they mate within their species, eat other species and get eaten by others all while barking, mooing, meowing, roaring and making whatever other noises animals make...what they are actually saying is "Love". Because their acts are at all times serving themselves and the world around them throughout their lives as well as afterwards. That's love. To avoid one's own expression of love being getting eaten, one must move its species to become the apex predator but this also has its limits as each predator will be "eaten" eventually, if not by an animal, by the world itself. 

Now that we've covered the deepest, most extreme and saddest examples of love, let's also look to defining love in its more common context which is loving people and loving them for who they are. We will find times when we love family, friends, other people...even animals and other things for that matter. We will have the desire to think about them and find ways to experience them the best and most appropriate ways possible depending on what it is. And over time we may experience love lost or love unrequited and this may tempt us to avoid love as to not be subject the pain of those experiences ever again. But forgiveness is critical in love to oneself over all, which is handy as it is always available. And through those experiences and forgiveness comes growth should we choose it, and the ability to love again with courage, and now wisdom from past experience. As we grow we become to learn our authentic self as we unlearn what certain aspects of life wrongly teaches us: that avoiding love is right. One may have to adjust our environment to ensure what's in it reflects the love we give, letting others go until she or the other party is ready. And that's fine! As long as the love for self remains, she will have the joy of experiencing life as her true authentic self and there is no limit to what she can handle.


Justice is the second value of the 3 Core Values of Positively T. Nobody knows why what's right is right, but what can be said is that it's right. That's the way this attitude leads one to think about justice. The belief that what's right is right is the idea of universalism, as opposed to relativism which is what's right is right, depending on some given variable. The idea of Positively T is that justice is always right, depends on nothing, and will always prevail over time.

Justice is the reward or punishment for an action. It has many forms such as The Golden Rule, karma, Newton's Third Law of Motion, but they all amount to the same thing which is the basis for this attitude which is for any injustice, justice will be served. This applies both to justice among people and things interacting amongst each other as well as to a person and how they interact with themselves. Many times injustices play out over many generations before justice prevails, so it can be said that justice for an injustice enacted upon any given party may not be seen within her lifetime. But the basis remains true. And just like with love, and how losing it leads to pain, forgiveness and growth to love again...injustice is just a love deferred. How we treat others and how we treat ourselves in consideration for justice's prevalence faster, one would serve themselves to do right...and what that means is completely up to the individual. 

While justice is universal, what individuals perceive as justice is relative to the individual, and making the choice to regard what is right amongst people as a whole is a choice that individuals can make, but is dependent upon their decision which is completely within their right. Justice is not the written laws of any given country or what the majority rules, it is simply the truth. It is what is. That we were all created equal supports the minimal cause across all people. This is regardless of a chosen faith. This is why the founding fathers of America didn't include "God" in the original documents. It's also why America is considered an experiment. It was meant to be a sign that absolutely everyone and anyone can pursue their life and not be forced unto a belief. There are laws, but at the very least believing what one believes to be right is up to her imagination.

When justice started is a mystery. This attitude is not a religion so it won't help one answer that question. The attitude doesn't particularly, on its face, claim to be right. It certainly isn't provable. But what it may have started with was an imbalance in a universe birthing particle sending elements outward, some of which created our solar system and around it, our earth. Work towards a "justification" perhaps caused earth to shape, though it always was alive, just some portions of it turned into plants while others turned into creatures eventually separating from the surface. The three essential actions which are covered in the 5 Pillar Mindset seemingly continued and continued which are to consume, explode and exhaust...the core earth itself being a prime example of an organism exhibiting these behaviors. And while the writer of this having grown up Christian has become evolved in his thinking of Christianity over time, it doesn't negate that Jesus was a son of God, but that what he was teaching while alive is that if this is to be considered God's doings, that we are part of God. And he was the best understander. And of all the other religions that the writer of this knows less about, and even to non-believers that this may be an explanation that fits their teachings, with justice being sacred. This is because like heaven, virtue, hell and sin, we can't see justice...but unlike those things, we can encourage to see good, oppress to see bad, and after death be an embodiment of whatever degree of justice one served herself health-wise, for the rest of the universe to consume, if not her legacy as well, to ourselves if no one else.


Community is the third value in the 3 Core Value of Positively T. Community in terms of this attitude applies equally to the community of organs and elements of one's health that make up the person and her spirit as well as the community of people in the world as well as the community of elements in the universe. Serving the community means to bring justice to it which is the prerequisite to peace. It has been said that justice is the tree from which the flower of peace grows. This idea gives us the popular saying, "no justice, no peace." And being just to the community is right. It brings longevity and security in collaboration amongst all of its members allowing it to work efficiently and fend off threats more effectively. This is why community is a core tenet of the attitude.

It is important to love all members of the community because we are all created equally. This is regardless of gender, race, belief-system or lack thereof, veteran status, disability, sexual preference or otherwise because as mentioned in the section about justice, the entire universe is one community in the context of this attitude. Everybody looks different but we all have a spirit and what each spirits wants is to be fed love. And in order to be fed love, not only must one feed love to oneself, but also feed love to others because in essence it benefits the self as being part of the group as well as demonstrates to others how to love, trusting that love will be given in return. This is particularly true in respect to non-violence as seen by the Non-Violent Civil Rights Movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The act of being actively non-violent could be the first step towards sustained peace because even tough peace can be attained through violence, it is only peaceful until the retaliation or the next act of violence whether to the original offender or otherwise. But to respond directly to receiving violence by "turning the other cheek" as if to request another blow is to say, "Hey, my victimhood is my powerful expression of what I'm fighting against, for me and for you too, brother, should it ever happen to you!" Therefore it isn't victimhood after all, rather, it's an act of power of its own.

Equally, one must show the community of organs within her body with the same respect and dignity. When times get hard people often resort to violent measures against themselves to lighten the load. We can enjoy ourselves, but people often are shortsighted and don't see that being good to one's own health brings the long term enjoyment of freedom of physical mobility, understanding and spiritual connectedness...also, the ability to assertively address matters that appear in ones life and the ability to better serve people of the external community. When working on ones health, the internal community, becomes a priority, she lives life effectively as an integrated member of the external community. Other members of the community may not be at the point of maturity to address a given person properly as those other members may be dealing with trauma and taking it out on her. But she knows she can't control what other members of the community do, but she can adjust her environment to exclude such members until they grow.

Ultimately valuing community means being a provider of good through the forms of exhaust via the finished works we exhibit that will be covered in the 3 Essential Actions portion of the 5 Pillar Mindset. Essentially, anytime we excrete energy we previously consumed, the universe consumes it and will bring it closer towards justice or defer it further somehow. This excrement includes finished works such as spoken words or done deeds, and the universe consuming it includes the people one sees throughout her life. To act with kindness so love influences other people with every possible word and every possible act is the definition of doing good as a member of the community.  There is no better way than to not only practice on the internal community but actually love it and reflect that same love to others as well. 

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