3 Vital Cogs

The three vital cogs of Positively T are as follows:

  1. Business

  2. You

  3. Society

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Before going into detail about each cog specifically, it's important to define what the cogs are. The cogs are the supply chain of any party as it pertains to suppliers and customers in terms of a social entrepreneurial enterprise, meaning, the goal of the company rather than making money is to contribute to society, or rather, give health. 

In a typical supply chain, the supplier would take money from the company and give product to the company—then the company would take money from the customer and give product to the customer.

typical supply chain.jpg

In a social entrepreneurial business, the opposite is true. In this type of business, the supplier takes product from the company, work service, and gives money to the company—then the company takes product from the customer, the service of enhancing the company's reputation, and gives money to the customer.

social entrepreneurail supply chain.jpg

In the Positively T Attitude, life is always run from the social entrepreneurial supply chain perspective because health is wealth.

Of course it's not required that money be the resource being traded for services, but is the best example to visualize this concept because of its ubiquitous nature. However, you could just as easily replace money with another resource such as hard work (from the company to the customer for example) or food supplies (from the business to the company for example) depending on the situation. 

We as people are not companies, but in a way, we are...and the same pattern applies, just on a smaller scale. We need resources and we work for them, and we provide resources for those who need them from us. The customer, which is the community, needs us...it needs you, but the lack of community as a value prevents many people from giving to the community causing others to carry an unfair share of responsibility, a lack of resources in certain communities and overall inefficiency and suffrage.

But that can change by adhering to the Positively T Attitude.


Business is the first vital cog of Positively T. Businesses give to you (self) so you can grow as well as give to the community. If it were a business, its suppliers would give to it (the company) so that it can grow as well as give to the customer. There is always something of value being exchanged for this giving, but that is a minor point here. The main point is that business is to supplier as self is to company as community is to customer...it's all the same. The title of this cog is Business Supplier, but it could have just as easily been Business/Supplier. The same is true for the following cogs with a slash between the two words simply because it works both ways so the writer decided to omit the slash out of style preference.

The business supplier gives money to the self company. What it receives in return is a product or service, in this case, a service, the work hours from the self company. If the work is unsatisfactory, the business supplier may decide to cut ties with the self company. Likewise, if the business supplier doesn't represent the values of the self company (or isn't getting paid enough or is worked too hard), the self company may cut ties with the business supplier and seek work elsewhere.


"You" is the second vital cog of Positively T. Most of us are not companies so one may look at this as just "self" and drop the "company". Many of us only look to grow ourselves with what we earn from the business supplier, but it is as equally as important to invest into the community because just as we need money from the company, the community needs money from us. In return, you get reputation, making you more attractive to your existing or future business supplier, but you also build the community that you are a part of enabling you to be part of a more efficient, better team. All the world's people, even all the universe's people and things are a team and even your small contribution to its growth by giving to the community, being a good person, doing the right thing and being true to yourself and others actually really does help. 

What does it mean to invest in self exactly? For this, there's no need to look any further than the three essential actions. To increase the quality of consumption, explosion and exhaustion to the highest level of quality necessary is what good self investment looks like. Anything extra is excess. The popular saying goes money is the root of all evil, but money is actually good when used in the right way. When insecurities cause the need to have and spend money for reasons other than raising the quality of one's own three essential actions or giving to the community, such as to show off and put others down to raise one's own self esteem, this is what's evil. A person in that situation would be better suited to find the root of why she feels hurt and to hurt others, address it, see the gift in it and grow. This would help save her from wasting money and allow her to give to the community who really needs her help, which as a result will raise her own self esteem.


Society is the third vital cog of Positively T. Society is the group that needs money from you and you need reputation from it. You actually need more than reputation, but the existence of the human race depends on some of us procreating with members of the community to grow the community further into the future. Some communities are oppressed and need help—and some of us keep all the money we make for ourselves. This causes an imbalance of resource distribution and leads to the continued prevalence of crime. People are dying, even if it's a slow death through malnourishment because of the hurdles between oppressed individuals and their access to basic needs services. Our money, effort and attention to these communities, yes, would take a sacrifice from those of us with money, but it is one that is worth it in the end because of the benefit it brings to us as a whole.