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Hi! My name is Troy Harris and I wrote a book about my experience moving out of my parents' house to become a film director when everything went awry. I made this video as a last ditch effort to make it big...

...but it didn't work. After a little bad luck and a few bad choices, I put my dream on hold to pursue steady income and the party life. As harmless as those things are, they slowly took me away from my dream, lowered my self-esteem and affected my view of self-image to the point that I almost died from substance abuse. Determined to get my life on track, I confronted my toxic thought patterns, embarked on a health and wellness journey and wrote a book on how I did it. This led to the realization that even though it would be practically impossible to make a movie, that I could actually do it, if only I were willing enough to try. Will I have what it takes to succeed? Purchase I Feel Good About Me to find out!

Image by Christian Wiediger