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Positive T

Positive T is a mindset. The creator of this attitude, Troy Harris, came up with it to help others learn how to approach difficulty optimistically by focusing on achievement while maintaining their inner peace.

This mindset is broken down into three areas, which are...

These are the values that drive the user of the Positively T attitude. With these three things being held sacred, it helps the user find purpose and create peace inside and out. To see their definitions, click here.

These are the definitions of patterns found within world around us that have been proven to propel a person towards his or her desired life when incorporated correctly. To understand what they are, click here.

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These are the participants in a relationship with one another, similar to a supply chain but for your service to the community. To learn more about them, click here.

Positive T can be a lot for some people to understand in one sitting. That's why this overview was created to help people obtain an understanding at a glance. To see what it is, click here.

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